Organized Chaos

Ask Away   Submit   My forever started 20 years ago. Here's a handful of things I've come to ardently love and admire: God, philosophy, books, art, food, baking, cooking, theology, cafes, thrift shops, coffee, exploring, confidantes and kindred spirits, music, the outdoors, dresses, foxes, tights, poetry, horses, singing, tea, fair trade, words, photography, mugs, writing, and myself. I try to create an abundant life by loving God, loving people, and loving creation. Me: Organized Chaos.
"a sigh in my soul
be patient with me, darling,
as I learn to slow"
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Royal Mile, Edinburgh, Scotland; April 2012

Royal Mile, Edinburgh, Scotland; April 2012

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"You can’t live in the past. You have to stand where you are, with whom you are, in the present to move to the future."
Terry Waite

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